Sunday, April 18, 2010

Funny Toilet Paper Designs

Origami Toilet Paper : It is said the toilet is the best place to think. This toilet role with plenty of origami instructions will keep you busy while you are in the loo.

toilet-paper (1)

Glow in the dark toilet paper , lets you find the paper role even when the light goes out.

toilet-paper (2)

Crime Scene Toilet paper

toilet-paper (3)

Horror story toilet paper: This Japanese  toilet paper is imprinted with several copies of Drop, a nine-chapter novella written by Koji Suzuki, author of the Ring cycle of novels, which has been made into films in both Japan and Hollywood.

toilet-paper (4) 

Notepad toilet paper

toilet-paper (5)

Windows Vista Toilet Paper: The Japanese were so fond of the Windows Vista Service Pack 1, when it was released, that they printed toilet paper rolls about it, highlighting it's features

toilet-paper (6)

Camouflage Toilet Paper

toilet-paper (7)

Music sheet toilet paper

Crossword Puzzle Toilet Roll

toilet-paper (9)

$100 Dollar Bill Toilet Paper

toilet-paper (10)

Mind Training Toilet Roll Paper comes with various mind bending puzzle and games

toilet-paper (11)

Cheese Grater Toilet Paper: For the man who is tough as nails, takes no crap from anyone and is a true hard ass!

toilet-paper (12)

Kiss my ass toilet paper

toilet-paper (13) 

Ruler toilet paper

toilet-paper (16)


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