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Breast Paintings by Kira Ayn Varszegi

American artists Kira Ayn Varszegi uses her ample 38DD boobs as paint brushes to create abstract work of art. She covers her breasts in paint and then presses them like brushes against her canvases. Kira Ayn Varszegi’s artwork aren’t even remotely close to anything we typically feature on Amusing Planet, but her unconventional choice of painting tool does warrant her a place in our What The Fuck section. No offence to Kira, we also feature you in Arts.


The 34-year-old uses a mixture of colors and angles her breast in various different directions to create her eye-catching pieces. She then sells her breast pieces online, with some fetching more than $1000. Since creating her first painting in 2001, Kira, from Connecticut, US, has created thousands of pieces which she sells from her online shop, Turtle Kiss Designs.

She said: "I enjoy working with different mediums and finding new ways to get paint on to a canvas. My intention is to provoke emotion through my art, make living spaces more beautiful, spark conversation, and most importantly, make people smile. I think my art raises more than a few smiles."

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  1. Replies
    1. I am a fellow artist and a member of Mensa, and I had the pleasure of corresponding with Ms. Varszegi briefly a few years ago. She is neither stupid nor a "bimbo." To the contrary, she is both intelligent and talented, with senses of morality, justice, compassion and sensitivity that you, obviously, lack.

  2. wow tht guy's shortsighted...
    i think its amazing to make art like that,very unique

  3. i think this will attract breast . lol

  4. Are those Super Mario Bros. curtains in pic 3?

  5. Really, Great Brush To Use For Women & Best For Mans

  6. I was all ready to make some really smart-assed comment but after seeing the paintings...I am truly impressed. Those are actually really good. Now what do I do with these boob jokes...


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