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PETA’s Bloody Protest in New York

PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) demonstrations are amusing, to say the least. In the latest stunt put up by the animal rights activists, demonstrators stripped down in New York City's Times Square, wrapped themselves up in cellophane and doused themselves with fake blood so they looked like meat on sale at a supermarket. The message PETA wants to send out is that buying a steak from a grocery store is no different from buying a corpse.

peta-protest (2)

peta-protest (1)

peta-protest (3)

peta-protest (4)

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  1. to protest is not bad, however I do not like the way they did et. they are just making people, especially kids, to fear them.

  2. I've heard that the female is much more veal like.

  3. lea said...

    to protest is not bad, however I do not like the way they did et. they are just making people, especially kids, to fear them.
    August 19, 2010 12:42 AM

    Is eating meat not scary? Why do you want a nice picture of slaughter? People advertise animal corpses in shops, on television and it is normal, why is this not normal? It's supposed to raise awareness. It's the same, except people in the photographs are still alive and breathing.

    1. Eating meat is not scary - it's a natural impulse for a large number of species. Why don't you start protesting lions and tigers and sharks? But hey, at least I eat the meat of the animals that are killed, unlike your glorious leader who kills for no other reason than 'Dogs and cats have NO RIGHT TO LIFE'. Shut down the real slaughterhouse - the PeTA HQ where they kill thousands of cats and dogs per year, citing quality of life without A) Having a trained veterinarian on staff or B) having any suitable temporary living quarters for abandoned pets to stay until they can be adopted.

      Do you know who Ingrid Newkirk is? Here's a little info about her:

      Newkirk unabashedly describes her zeal for killing in her own words: "I'd go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself...I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day."

      She turned PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters into her own personal killing field. There she hauled in more than 17,822 puppies, kittens, dogs and cats since 1998 and executed 14,419 of them. This does not include wild animals - in 2005 alone, PETA admits to killing 141. In 2005 Newkirk killed 90% of her defenseless captives and adopted only 6% - a ratio far worse than almost any pound in the country.

      ^ That's a site run by former PeTA members, by the way. The kind of animal rights activists I respect, who don't differentiate between animals that are worth saving and those that aren't.

  4. Eating meat is healthy, we've been omnivores since well before recorded history.

    What's not healthy is the modern practices of mass animal farming. Many of these creatures are confined to extremely tight spaces for their entire life cycle. Due to the highly unsanitary conditions this results in ripe breeding grounds for disease (ex. H1N1) as well as long term pollution (ex. contaminated water tables) to the surrounding environment. All for an inexpensive product with questionable quality.

    There's been a shift towards more free-range livestock lately, the restaurant Chipotle seems to be taking the initiative towards healthier meat production. Its a good start but, it's still not enough. Hopefully a decade down the road the majority of our meat will come from the open range just like it used to.

  5. obviously we need meat to survive, but not for deco, or for recreation. meat has vital proteins that plants don't have. soooo yeah we need meat


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