Vertical Garden in San Vicente


A vertical garden has been erected in the new children's library in San Vicente in Southern Spain, by architect Jose Maria Chofre. The six-story garden is situated on the dividing wall of an existing apartment building and the library. The structure consist of cubic containers confined between two metal grids, and filled with soil and planted with different varieties of floral and herbaceous species. The containers are accessible and retrievable from several corridors located in the rear. At the front stands a suspended scaffold that allows pruning and replacing of the potted plants.

vertical-garden (4)

vertical-garden (6)

vertical-garden (1)

vertical-garden (2)

vertical-garden (3) 

[via Urbanarbolismo]

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  1. Don't let me anywhere near this idea. i have the unfortunate skill for killing even the hardiest of plants...

  2. This is great, looks beautiful!


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