Subodh Gupta Builds Sculptures From Household Utensils

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Subodh Gupta is an artist based in New Delhi, India. His work encompasses sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance and video. Gupta chooses signature objects of the Indian sub-continent such as stainless steel cooking utensils and tiffin-boxes, and relocates them as art objects in monumental installations.

The following installation named Spill is an overbearing work of great scale that has at its centre a larger than life stainless steel water vessel, with many smaller steel utensils spilling over the edge like water pouring out.

subodh-gupta (12)

subodh-gupta (13)

U.F.O 2007 is another work made up of hundreds of brass water utensils that are soldered together to resemble a flying saucer.

subodh-gupta (14) 

subodh-gupta (17)

subodh-gupta (18)

subodh-gupta (15)

Some of his other works

subodh-gupta (24)

subodh-gupta (19) 

  Picture 069

Picture 071

Picture 066

subodh-gupta (7) 

subodh-gupta (21)


subodh-gupta (23) 

A 1226940

Subodh Gupta was born in 1964 in Khagaul, Bihar, India. He studied at the College of Art, Patna (1983 – 1988) before moving to New Delhi where he currently lives and works. His work has been prominent in major international biennials and has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions across Asia, Europe and America.

Image sources: Hauser & Writh, Saatchi Gallery

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