Clever Shoe Designs by Kobi Levy (Part 2)


35-year-old Kobi Levy from Tel Aviv, Isreal, is a footwear designer who likes to give shoes an amazing transformation. A graduate from Bezalel academy of art and design, Jerusalem, Mr Levy has been collaborating with both Israeli and international companies in the past and present working on men shoe line. However, it his women shoe line that display his particular talent.

We have featured Kobi Levy’s shoes in the past. Be sure to check them out.


Slide 4

Shoe in the shape of the bird Toucan

Toucan 1

Toucan 4

Shoe in the shape of Mallard duck

Duck 3

Shoe in the shape of Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl 1

Shoe in the shape of Swan

Swan 3

Blond Ambition

Blond ambition 4

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