Alternative Hair Show 2011, in Moscow

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Celebrating its 29th year but appearing for the first time in Russia, the London-based Alternative Hair Show event brought together the biggest names in the hairstyling industry to the Kremlin Palace last Wednesday to raise money for charity. Half of the ticket proceeds will go to Britain’s Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity, and the other 50 percent to Russia’s Gift of Life.

The show has grown into the world's most prestigious annual hairdressing event, hosting leading teams and inspirational hair artists from all over the globe. Since it first began in 1983, the Alternative Hair Show has now raised more than £8 million for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.


It’s “the biggest hairstyling event in the world,” said Tony Rizzo, who organizes the show. It “started way back in 1983, when I lost my son to leukemia. In those days, the research for leukemia was just starting off. There wasn’t any research into rare forms of the disease.”

“Our aim is to make a difference, to show that beauty can cure,” Rizzo said. “We have some of the biggest names in the industry coming to show their collections in Moscow for the first time. It’s like the Eurovision song contest for hair — only bigger because we have the best designers from the whole world.”









alternative-hair-show-1 alternative-hair-show-2



Photograph: Denis Sinyakov/Reuters, Sergei Chirikov/EPA

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