Coffin Makers Linder Launch Raunchy Coffin Calendar

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Linder, Poland’s biggest coffin manufacturer, has been using scantly clad models to promote their products for the last three years. The 2012 calendar used naked models in body paint frolicking around funeral caskets.

The first calendar appeared in 2010 and featured photos of female models dressed in sexy outfits posing with coffins. In the following year, the 2011 calendar showed drop dead gorgeous ladies in sexy lingerie draped over the caskets performing movie scenes from films like James Bond, Reservoir Dogs and The Godfather. But the calendar sparked controversy in Catholic Poland with the church spokesman calling the calendar tasteless and shocking. Notwithstanding, the first edition of the coffin calendar sold over 3,000 copies.


The company has been making wood products since the 1940s, and, after the fall of Communism a little over two decades ago, Lindner has become the largest producer of coffins in Poland. In 2007, they sold over 100,000 of them. Nowadays the company not only sells coffins in Poland but to the rest of Europe of well.









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