Impressive 3D Paintings by Marchal Mithouard

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Marchal Mithouard (aka Shaka) is a French artist whose paintings literally pop out off the canvas into the world. To create his pieces, Mithouard first creates a bas relief of his figures on canvas, then paints them in his multi-colored, street art style.

Marchal Mithouard started as graffiti artist whose work gradually evolved from basic to a unique brand of three-dimensional street art. Using exaggerated perspective and realism, Mithouard aims for his human figures to jump out at the viewer. His paintings appear to have an underlying theme of revolt and rebellion.

His foremost influences, he says, include Vincent van Gogh, Le Caravage and Expressionism.









[via Flavorwire]

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1 comment:

  1. I've seen his black and red paintings before. I specifically recall the horse one. It seems to come out of the canvas.


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