Quinta Real - Hotel in a Former Bullring in Zacatecas, Mexico

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The Plaza de Toros San Pedro bullring was inaugurated in 1866, adjacent to the historic El Cubo aqueduct, in the town of Zacatecas in Mexico. Once the animated stage for the world's most notable bullfighters, the San Pedro bullfighting ring held epic bullfights featuring some of the best bullfighters of the century. The plaza witnessed its last bullfight in 1975, after which the bullring was closed and left abandoned for eleven years. It almost faced demolition until it was converted into unique luxury accommodations by two Mexican brothers Ricardo and Roberto Elias Pessah.

The hotel Quinta Real Zacatecas was opened in 1989 and preserves the character and beauty of the original structure throughout its walls. The still-intact arena serves as a gorgeous central patio, with cobblestones and fountains overlaying the hoof-stomped floor where the bulls once ran. Encircling the ring are 49 spacious suites with vaulted ceilings and antique furnishings. The corridors maintain the bullring atmosphere as do the stores, restaurant and event halls.

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  1. Considering the cruelty involved, I wouldn't describe bullfighting as epic. These animals are tortured, for the amusement of humans, and for what? So a man can delude himself into thinking that he is brave?


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