Shelter for Homeless Animals in Pirogovo, Ukraine

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While homeless people around the world are struggling for a bed to lie on and a roof over their heads, the street cats and dogs in the tiny little village of Pirogovo in the southern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital city of Keiv, has been more fortunate. For located on the site of a former city dump on a hill outside the village is a shelter for homeless cats and dogs. It was built in 1960 and popularly known as "knacker's yard," or simply "booth". The shelter, run by SOS animals society of Kiev, is currently taking care of over 2,000 stray dogs and other homeless animals.









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1 comment:

  1. Nice that is existing shelter like this!Animals deserve somebody to take care for them too!
    Only somehow I dont like the begining of the text its looking like the dogs were taking the place of the homeless people:-S There should be other organisations taking care for that offcourse.
    I support people that have courage and will to help like this.The justice should funktion for every creature on this world!:)


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