Hövding Bicycle Helmet is Invisible and Fashionable

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Each of these models in the image gallery below is wearing a helmet. Can you see it?





Designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin spent six years deliberating over the cycle helmet-hairdo problem, and have come up with Hövding - a helmet that sits not on the head but on the shoulder of the wearer and remains invisible until they have a collision.

Hövding is a discreet collar that the cyclist wears around the neck. The collar contains a folded airbag which is visible only at a collision. The airbag is designed as a hood that in case of an accident will enclose and protect the cyclist’s head. Release mechanism is controlled by sensors that register abnormal movements of the rider in an accident. Watch the video after the images for a demonstration.

The shell of the collar is removable and available in many different styles and fabrics and will be launched in new collections. Hövding is a practical, handy accessory that is easy to carry, is stylish and unobtrusive in its design, while it saves your life, says Anna Haupt.

The Hövding will cost you a cool $446.







[via David Report]

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