Same Hill, Different Day by Paul Octavious

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Chicago based photographer Paul Octavious documents the life of a single hill in Chicago through a series of photographs in a project entitled Same Hill, Different Day.

For the past 3 years Paul has been visiting a beautiful mound of earth that he has come to call “the hill.” Ever since he found the hill in 2007, he’s photographed it hundreds, probably thousands of times. Yet every time, the hill looks different. From snow falls, kite festivals, outdoor movies, to even Ghana World Cup team practicing on the hill one foggy day – Paul has captured it all.

I have never seen a hill presenting so many different looks.


When I first started photographed the hill there was no intent to photograph it for as long as I have been doing it. My weekly walks would always lend it self to being on the path the hill was located on.

There was something so intriguing about how the locals would interact with it. I soon realized that's the hill was stage and the locals the actors in this on going play, that’s when I fell in love.













To see more photographs from this project, check out his website.

[via Photojojo and Petapixel]


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