Dutch Artist Recreates His Childhood Drawings 20 Years Later

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When Dutch artist Telmo Pieper came across a big box of his childhood drawings, which his parents had carefully put in storage, he was fascinated by how simple and linear his doodles were. Like all kids’ drawings, Pieper’s earliest creations had a surrealistic feel to it, whose style was “impossible to copy but possible to work it out further”.

Pieper decided to recreate the drawings he made as a child, some twenty years later, taking the doodles of a 4-year old and working on it produce a more mature and realistic interpretation of them. The result became a series called "Kiddie Arts."

Telmo Pieper now works together with Miel Krutzmann as the artistic group titled ‘TELMO MIEL’. If you liked Telmo Pieper works, you will love Dave Devries who takes sketches of monsters drawn by children and renders them realistically in Monster Engine. And checkout Wendy Tsao, who takes children’s doodles and turns them into real toys.











via Bored Panda

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