Golden Pearl Farming in Philippines

Sep 24, 2010 6 comments

The clean waters around the island of Palawan in the Philippines Sea have attracted investors to pearl farming for decades. There are several pearl firms actively operating at Palawan, but only one cultivates the exquisite and rare golden pearl – Jewelmer,

Jewelmer is the only pearl producer in the world that has successfully produced pearls with a rich, natural golden color. Through decades of research and biotechnology, Jewelmer was able to perfect the breeding process that produces gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters capable of growing large, lustrous, golden pearls. This deep, rich color can only be found in South Sea pearls produced in the Philippines.

Pearls are cultured by transplanting a tiny piece of mantle tissue of an oyster shell into a the shell of a young oyster. This graft forms a pearl sac and precipitate calcium carbonate into this pocket. Over time, this grows into a pearl. It takes 2 to 5 years for a pearl to mature. "Cultivation of pearls is very time-consuming process," explains Jacques Branellec, managing director of Jewelmer. "Any change in temperature and water conditions can affect the oysters. For 38 years I have been in cultivation of pearls, but I’m always learning something new.”

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  1. Such an awesome, post, tfs! I totally enjoyed this not only because it gives the world a view of cultural elegance and technology in my country but also because I could at least vicariously experience my native Philippines!

  2. Timeless beauty! love it...would like to get intouch with Mr branelle for business purposes, can any one help?!? U can reach me at

  3. Indonesian golden pearls as well as those from Myanmar are natural colors too! Jewelmer is not the pioneer of the culturing of golden pearls the Indonesians and Burmese are! That's why theirs are the best because they've been doing it for the longest time.

  4. yes not Jewelmer,at least they're stable of producing golden pearls and not even closing their farm even if the pearl market go down.
    but what matters most is that, its nice to know Philippines still have clean waters that can produce gem quality pearls..

  5. excuse me Philippines is the pioneer in cultivating NATURAL golden pearls, not Indonesians or Burmese. ok? It's Filipino who made them possible to be grown NATURALLY. not artificial. =) Great Job, Jewelmer!

  6. Philippines is the Pearl of the Orient as populalrly known, not only by its famous rare pearls but also by its multi-diversed cultures and histories,its hospitality, its numerous paradise islands still to be discovered by tourists.happy to know that somebody out there likes and have the opportunity to discover the autthentic beauty it offers to visiting tourists, of my beloved country PHILIPPINES!


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