The motorcycle without spoke wheels


Engineers of Amen Design and Engineering have created a motorcycle whose wheels have neither spokes nor discs. Such type of hubless designs were seen earlier only on concept bikes, but this could be the first hubless bike to hit the road.









  1. Looks really good. That's really sweet how you get the wheel to spin so smoothing without it being in the center of the wheel.

  2. same with Ryan Shock...
    how you get the wheel to spin so smoothing without it being in the center of the wheel.

  3. Looks like rim runs thru a track on front wheel , not sure on rear but I'm guessing the spikes on the rims have something to do with holding in a track somehow

  4. Ok now that I look at it closer ill reguess from last post , looks like the rims are mounted permanently and the tire is mounted to maybe a race like a bearing and a bearing set up between that and the mounted rim and my guess there's some kind of drive mounted infront of the rear tire that drives and stops the tire and same in front just without a drive system

  5. The first comment is closest to the mark - "impossible." The two images of the machine being ridden are produced by Photoshop or a similar program. The road has been created where the bike is, and the shadow are all airbrushed in. The photos would fool many people who are unfamiliar with seeing fakes - these two riding images are just that.
    I can't fault the other photos. Conclusion - a great static model.

  6. Works like a barring


  8. Billy lane was already doing it

  9. not impossible and not photoshopped also not the only hubless motorcycle out there do your research I mean geez even Discovery Channel did a piece on these and how easy they are to make

  10. I have wondered that how it is possible. I can't believe on the given picks.


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