CT Scan Art from human body parts

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Dr Kai-hung Fung, a 56 year old doctor working at Pamela Youde Nethersole Easter Hospital in Hong Kong, forges the ultimate integration between art and science. Using state-of-the art technology Dr Fung scans various organs of his patients using a 3D computed tomography (CT) machine and turns them into masterpieces.

ct-scan-art (5)

Image of the back of a human nose

Dr Fung feeds the data from the scanner into a computer and adds color to his works using a method he invented called the 'rainbow technique'. Dr Fung said: 'The pictures I create are generated directly from the medical 3D workstation, representing what I see on it. I do not use software such as Adobe Photoshop to further change the image.

Dr Fung’s works has been exhibited in galleries across the world and proceeds from sales of his pieces are donated to charity.


The curve in the ear

ct-scan-art (1)

Inside the heart

ct-scan-art (2)

The lungs

ct-scan-art (3)

The esophagus and the vocal cords

ct-scan-art (4) 

Rotting teeth

[via Daily Mail]

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