The Hairiest Man in the World



Yu Zhenhuan of China is the hairiest man in the world,… and… and he has a girlfriend! This Guinness Book of Records holder has 96% of his body is covered by hair. Yu now decides to undergo plastic surgery to shed his excess hair.

hairiest-man (4)

hairiest-man (9)


hairiest-man (1)

hairiest-man (2)

hairiest-man (3) 

hairiest-man (5)

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  1. why am I not suprised she's japanese..

  2. all the japanese are hairy down he is the hairiest, no japanese chick can resist him

    1. LMFAO !!! That's true. ;)

  3. Hahahahaha this is hilarious

  4. He's not Japanese... Did no one read the first couple of words???? He's Chinese.... Wow people....

  5. The posts above are from 7 year olds. Any older than that and they're retards. Not only the ARTICLE says this is China (and both China and Japan being very homogeneous, there are very few foreigners living in either...), but she LOOKS Chinese and not Japanese. There are huge difffetences between the 2 that one has to be blind (or stupid, ditto) not to notice.

  6. At least he doesn't have to buy sunscreen ...

  7. Japanese and Chinese look the same you idiot, they both have weirdo eyes duhhh.Your the retard btw because you are a racist, insinuating that japan is cannot be chinese

  8. "they both have weirdo eyes duhhh." LOL and then u call him racist.. if ur not a troll youre dumb as hell

  9. Haha isn't this convo amusing :D. But I agree with this person ^ don't be calling people racist when your racist too hypocrite :b Damn

  10. I'm japanese that guy is definitely Chinese because he comes from China and yesterday there are facial differences between the two! Also there are differences between Koreans Vietnamese etc... so go educate your self and experience different cultures

  11. Who really cares enough to argue about this? Are you serious. Grow up. Thats not the point of these pictures. People are ridiculous anymore.

  12. wonder if he has problems gettin clean when he wipes


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