Motorcycle Based on Famous Logos

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Massow Concept Cycles is the brainchild of design guru Barend Massow Hemmes.

The concept of designing motorcycles based on iconic corporate logos was for many years a concept which lived on paper. Barend set about transforming his paper vision into a working reality. 3 years later, with expert help from Polar Cycles, the Jaguar motorbike was finally completed and Massow Concept Cycles was founded.


The Jaguar Motorcycle had its debut in 2008 at the Bulldog Biker Bash in Swindon UK and has since received much attention worldwide. His collection of drawings takes in the likes of Audi, Ferrari, Bentley Rolls Royce, Coke Cola and many more. The latest edition to form part of the collection is designed to represent a Charging Bull.




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