World’s Tallest Filing Cabinet

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The world’s tallest filing cabinet is not located in some office, but in a field of weeds on the southwest edge of Burlington, in the state of Vermont in USA. It’s actually a stack of 38 filing cabinets welded together, one atop another. Most of the drawers are empty, but some of them contains auto parts made from shredding an MG Midget sports car, steamrolling the fragments, then cataloguing and storing each fragment with a label like an auto parts shop. Just plain crazy.

tallest-cabinet (5)

If you ever go visiting Burlington, and want to catch a sight of the cabinet, it's off of Shelburne st (route 7) on Flynn Ave between Pine Street and Foster Street. The filing cabinet is right next to the road on the right side.

 tallest-cabinet (2)

tallest-cabinet (3)

tallest-cabinet (4)

 tallest-cabinet (6)

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  1. It's actually between Foster St & Briggs St (not Pine St)


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