The Bottle Tree Ranch of Elmer Long


The Bottle Tree Ranch created by Elmer Long offers one of the most strangest sight along Route 66 in California’s Mojave County.

When Elmer was a kid, he used to travel through the desert, with his dad, who would collect any objects they found, and painstakingly keep notes about their location. After Elmer’s dad died, he was left with a sizable collection of colorful bottles, but he had no idea what to do with it. One day Elmer put some of the bottles on a wooden post and created the first bottle tree. The next morning when the sun rose and shone through the colored bottles, he was strangely mesmerize. He knew what to do with the bottles. Elmer Long started the Bottle Tree Ranch in 2000, and since then has created over 200 bottle trees.

bottle-tree (8)

bottle-tree (1)

bottle-tree (2)

bottle-tree (3)

bottle-tree (4)

bottle-tree (5)

bottle-tree (6)

bottle-tree (7)

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  1. its so amazing and unique!!
    so lovely..

  2. That is amazing! I would love to see that one day when the sun rises. Must be gorgeous!

  3. I think this is something lovely that can be replicated by many of us. Perhaps the idiots that throw bottles breaking them all over the streets ruining our bicycle tires would be inspired!


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