Lady Gaga Lookalike Contest in Chicago

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Lured by the grand prize of tickets to see Lady Gaga herself at Lollapalooza last week, a small group of pop-star doppelgangers descended upon State Street Pizza in Chicago on Thursday for yesterday’s lunchtime contest - a Lady Gaga look-a-like competetion. Eight women turned out for the contest in front of the pizza parlor donning their best Gaga-esque outfits teamed up with bright colored wigs and dance moves to impersonate the star.

lady-gaga-impersonator (3)

The girls were judged by the current Miss Illinois and Miss Chicago, who awarded Friday Lolla tickets to the top three look-a-likes. They’ll join the throngs of people who’ll be flocking out for Gaga’s headlining performance in Grant Park.

Ann Marie Boyer (below) was crowned best Lady Gaga look-a-like and won herself tickets to Lollapalooza and free pizza.

lady-gaga-impersonator (2)

lady-gaga-impersonator (1)

lady-gaga-impersonator (4)

lady-gaga-impersonator (5)

lady-gaga-impersonator (6)

Wooh, we got a video too.

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  1. Some of these skanks aren't even trying


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