Lexus Art Installation - CT Umbra


This artistic sculpture, titled CT Umbra, is a part of the Lexus debate series tour called Darker side of Green. Created by Los Angeles-based Nondesign, the installation aimed to highlight the two seemingly opposing features of the vehicle - luxury and eco-friendliness – by changing colors from luxurious gold to earthy green and blue.


The sculpture is based on a map of vertical lines created from the CAD model of CT 200h. It was built of 2,500 half-inch anodized aluminum bars cut to the exact measurements of the map. Lexus introduced the debate concept in March with a celebrity-attended press event at Skylight West in New York just before the car’s launch at the New York International Auto Show.

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that the Lexus installation looks suspiciously similar to one created by London-based designer, Laura Micalizzi, who created the “car” installation called 10M3 DI PAUSA for the Milan Furniture Fair nearly a year before the Lexus launch.





[via My Modern Metropolis]

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  1. Too aswome. At first i tought this was a computer desing, and not a sculpture!


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