Dresses Made Out of Real Food


In the series titled "Hunger Pains”, a team of 15 designers and led by Ami Goodheart of SOTO Productions, created exquisite outfits entirely of real food and were meant to depict meals that the person was craving. Each garment took hours to cook, create and assemble. The artichoke gown was designed by Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault of Project Runway fame. It took over 6 hours to finish and the model stood the entire time while they attached each, individual leaf.

The models were photographed by Ted Sabarese.

hunger-pains (2)

hunger-pains (3)

hunger-pains (1)

hunger-pains (4)

hunger-pains (5)

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  1. I knew we'd be seeing more food dresses soon... because Lady Gaga's strange meat dress made all the world swoon.

    Rhyme Me a Smile

  2. Gives a whole new meaning to eating @ the Y.


    Talent and ingenuity.


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