‘Real’ T-Shirts by Masashi Kawamura

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The T-shirt is so called due to the shape of the garment's outline which resembles the English alphabet ‘T’. But T shirts designed by Japanese designer Masashi Kawamura are not simple Tees but accurate silhouettes of 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black.


From the designer:

In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. The reason why they use expressions closely related to a human body, is perhaps because each different letter has a distinct quality and personality, in a similar way that us humans are all unique.

In the designing process of these shirts, I aimed to capture the character of each typeface and tried to give them a unique look and presence once worn. By collaborating with Itaru Yonenaga, I feel we were able to produce a collection of shirts that is not only conceptual, but wearable as real clothes.

All the 'T' Shirts are Women M size, except Helvetica which comes in Men M size as well. The T shirts will go on sale at No Control Air starting at the end of November.





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