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New Year Celebration Pictures From Around The World

Let us look at how the world celebrated the new year’s eve – from New York to Bishkek, from Sydney to Beijing.


A view from the balcony of the hotel "Marriott Marquis" filled with confetti on Times Square in New York immediately after the clock struck midnight.


Fireworks illuminate the sky in Zurich, Switzerland.


Celebrating New in 2011 at Madrid's Puerta del Sol


New Year's Eve fireworks display in Vienna.


Thousands of people gathered on the Champs Elysees in Paris to celebrate the new year 2011.


Christian prayer during a Christmas service at Church of the Holy Serkis in central Tehran on Dec. 31, 2010. In Iran, a majority of whom are Muslims, the New Year is celebrated mostly by representatives of the Assyrian and Armenian minorities.


New Year's Eve fireworks in London.


Celebrating New Year in Budapest.


People watching fireworks in downtown Beirut, Lebanon, New Year's Eve.


Launching balloons during the ceremony countdown from one of Tokyo's Buddhist temples.


People gathered on the main square in Sofia to celebrate the New Year.


People gather to celebrate in 2011 at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


Fireworks over the St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square.


New Year's Eve on Princes Street in Edinburgh. For the Scots, New Year's is a much more important holiday than Christmas. Scottish Hogmanay New Year is celebrated for four days, and one of its traditions is the New Year's winter swimming .


An Indian woman dance in the village Narlay late on Friday, December 31.


New Year's fireworks against the backdrop of the Petronas Twin Towers in the Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur.


Celebrating New Year in Times Square in Hong Kong.


New Year's Eve fireworks display in Kuala Lumpur during the celebration of the New Year 2011.


Youth poses for a photographer during the countdown to New Year's Eve in Hong Kong.


People released hundreds of balloons in the background of the Tokyo Tower at night on January 1.


New Year's fireworks over the Sydney Opera House during a pyrotechnic show in the New Year's Eve.


Fireworks over the bay of Sydney Harbour on December 31.


Enthusiastic Australians 12 hours before the midnight, took the seats to be able to watch the most spectacular New Year fireworks display in the world. Many have come to Sydney the day before and camped out in parks near Sydney Harbor.


Balinese dancer during a parade in honor of the New Year on the main thoroughfare in Denpasar, Bali on December 31.


Santa Claus on Dec. 31 during a New Year's parade in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. New Year, which was the most important unofficial holiday of the year in the former Soviet Union, is also very popular among the predominantly Muslim population of Kyrgyzstan.


One of the thousands of participants in the annual carnival in Johannesburg on December 31.


Girls in Christmas costumes during New Year parade in Bishkek on 31 December.


Dozens of people swimming in cold water at the beach Miracle on the eve of New Year celebrations in Tarragona in northeast Spain.


A street barber in India shave a new pattern on the back of the head of a customer on December 31.


Girls pour water and sprayed foam on the pedestrians from the window of an office building in the old district of Montevideo on December 31.


Students from the Indian city of Ahmedabad pose for photographers on December 31 in the courtyard of their school, creating an inscription: "Welcome to 2011".


Burj Dubai at midnight during a fireworks display in honor of the New Year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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