The House in the Island of Elliðaey


If there ever is an ultimate holiday getaway location, it has to be the island of Elliðaey near Vestmannaeyjar, a small archipelago off the south coast of Iceland, and the enchanting little house on it.


Elliðaey is the third largest island in Iceland having an area of 0.45 square km in area. It is believed to have formed in an eruption about 5-6 thousand years. The island is accessible via a rope on its lower east side and by a boat from the mainland. There are a few lonesome cattle to keep you company on the island and thousands of sea birds that use it for a nesting site.

Not much information is available about the island or the house. The only source of reliable information seems to be an Icelandic website that is very poorly translated by Google:

The island is a major veiðihús owned Ellidagrim Society Islands, which engages in lundaveiði eggjatöku in summer and in spring. In the old days was called veiðihúsið "night". The first bed that was built on the island still stands. It is used for storage, and is west of the "creative". In 1953 a new night was erected at the foot Hábarðs the old house did not pass the test of time. 1985, work began on building a new veiðihús on two floors which was integral with the house that was built 1953 . was completed with the construction of 1987. 1994 revealed that bed from 1953 had become ill take it that it was not possible to use it anymore. 'cause it was pulled down and built another house instead of in the same location, the building was completed in 1996. On period 2000-2001 was built a small house west of the bed that houses a sauna Ellidagrim Society Islands.







  1. The island is the 6 largest won in the Vestmanaeyja-island grope, Iceland has many islands that ar larger tan Elliðaey.

  2. As I understand it the island and house belong to Bjork .She enquired about buying the island from the Icelandic govenment but instead they gave it to her are a token of appreication for basically putting Iseland on the map so to speak.

  3. Á eyjunni er stórt veiðihús í eigu Elliðaeyjarfélagsins, sem stundar þar lundaveiði á sumrin og eggjatöku á vorin. Í gamla daga var veiðihúsið kallað „ból“. Fyrsta bólið sem reist var í eynni stendur enn.

    On the island is a large hunting house owned by the Elliðaeya Group, which is used for puffin hunting in the summer and egg gathering in the spring. In the old days, the house was called "Ból" ("Lair"). The first lair to be built on the island still stands.

  4. The island does not belong to Bjork. It was at one time offered for her contribution to elevating the profile of Iceland, but after much local protest they rescinded it.

  5. Imagine living there ... alone ... writing a book .as u gaze into the vast endless ocean before you

    1. Yeah and imagine you are having any sort of emergency... best of luck to ya!!

    2. Deart Anonymous,
      And say that the first sellers of America had your line of thinking...... we wouldn't be having this discussion now.

    3. the shining

  6. Zombie Apocalypse needs not apply.

  7. For the young and the brave. Food, water, heat, health care, supplies (toiletries?)

  8. Can this house be purchased or hired??


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