The World’s Smallest Aquarium


Miniature artist Anatoly Konenko, who hails from the Siberian city of Omsk, has built the world’s smallest aquarium. A glass cube measuring 30mm by 24mm by 14 mm, complete with sand, multi-coloured stones and seaweed can contain 10 ml of water and play home to tiny fish. The mini-aquarium is even equipped with a water purification filter. It took the skillful master about two weeks to fashion it.


Anatoly Konenko has been fiddling around with micro-miniatures for 30 years. He writes on rice grains, poppy seeds and even human hair. In 2002, his micro-book that measured less than 1 sq. mm entered the Guinness Book of Records. His most recent accomplishment until now was the smallest ever functioning mousetrap: 6mm by 3mm. His other micro-miniature work includes a violin for a grasshopper, a camel caravan that fits inside a needle ear, an alphabet inscribed on a hair, a zoo that balances on a dragonfly’s wing and the most stunning display of all: a model Eiffel tower that teeters on a mosquito’s antenna.





[via Voice of Russia]

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