Written Portraits by Van Wanten Etcetera

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I have seen many paper sculpture (Peope Too, Cheong-ah Hwang, Bert Simons, Allen and Patty Eckman) and book art (Isaac Salazar, Robert The) before but nothing like Written Portraits

Written Portraits is an advertising campaign by Dutch agency Van Wanten Etcetera created to promote the Dutch Book Week organized each year by CPNB (Collective Promotion Dutch Literature). In this brilliant campaign books were carved in shape of the author’s face. The four authors chosen for Written Portraits are Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh, Louis van Gaal and Kader Abdollah.

The Dutch Book Week is organized to promote Dutch literature, and each year a specific genre is profiled. This year’s feature is on autobiography.


Anne Frank


Vincent van Gogh


Louis van Gaal


Kader Abdolah

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