What’s Cooking? - Cutaway Food Photography by Ryan Matthew Smith

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Ryan Matthew Smith’s photo series “Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking” is a lovely collection of photographs of different food in vivid, crisp colors. Among the numerous photos, which will be part of a book project, I stumbled upon three exceptional pieces. Ryan had taken cutaway shots of different food being cooked showing exactly what is happening in a piece of meat, noodles, or barbeque during cooking. 


Some Googling, and I found this at Popsci.

Although it looks like photographic trickery, in most cases this effect was won the hard way: cutting a piece of equipment in half in the laboratory's machine shop (they even bisected a $5,000 oven), then photographing it in action, as hot oil or whatnot spattered out the missing side.

Amazing work!



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