Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival 2011

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Scarecrows of all shapes and sizes, including some rather familiar faces, come to life at the annual two-week Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival in this north Yorkshire village. During this event villagers comes with the most outlandish scarecrow designs ever. Visitors to the festival can spend the day wandering around the village enjoying the scarecrows and they can also take part in a treasure hunt. Scarecrows first came to Kettlewell in 1994 when a fund raising event was organized for the local school which serves much of Upper Whrfedale with its villages, isolated hamlets and remote farms. The enthusiastic response of parents and residents led to over 100 scarecrows appearing in gardens, open spaces, hidden corners and even on rooftops. The event was successfully repeated and, growing year by year,now attracts thousands of visitors over a nine day period in August.

See pictures from last year’s Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival.












Photograph: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images via The Guardian

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  1. The last one looks like it's afraid of the children :)


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