Max de Esteban’s Photos of Deconstructed Gadgets


At first glance these images look like X-Ray’s, but they are not. Barcelona-based artist Max de Esteban meticulously took apart different gadgets like camera, cassette player and typewriter layer by layer, shot them and photographically reassembled them in his latest project Proposition One. The result is retro-chic, x-ray-like artworks displaying an evocative look into the inner workings and complex designs of these devices.

Max de Esteban’s Proposition One is on display at Klompching Gallery, New York City from November 3rd through December 9th.






[via PDN]


  1. this is the really amusing site that you have been posted. i like it very much. all the pictures are wonderful that u have the taken.nice blog.keep it up.

  2. i miss the show "deconstruction". that was some interesting stuff there.


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