Pedestrian Roller Coaster in Germany


If you are scared of the loops and dizzy heights of a roller coaster, you can try out the new roller-coaster walkway at Duisburg that lets you take them at your own speed, on foot. Designed by Hamburg-based designer duo Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, the walkable roller-coaster titled Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain is 45 meters high and consist of 249 steps. Visitors can climb on the curved sculpture and walk around, and take in the surrounding views from the spiral walkways in their own pace.


The structure is located on top of a mining waste tip at the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Height in the Angerpark, overlooking the Rhine in Duisburg, Germany.

About 120 tons of galvanised steel were used to make the sculpture which is supported by 17 posts. At night LED lights illuminate the handrails.









[via The Daily Mail]


  1. yea but how does the loop work?

  2. We will work on that once we find out the secrets of anti-gravity.

  3. What do they do when they get to the loop? Walk upside down?!?

  4. I think the loop is actually tilted, it's an illusion. You can kind of tell in some of the above pictures. It's a trick, but probably still a little hard to walk though.

  5. Either that OR there's a door/opening/gate between the two sides of the path where the loop meet so people can walk through and simply bypass the loop if it can't be walked. Thus why the other article said something about it "disappointing" the walkers.

  6. theres a video of someone walking it...there are gates at the base of the loop on both sides so you have no choice but to turn back.


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