Surrealistic Miniature Scenes by Frank Kunert

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German photographer and artist Frank Kunert builds incredibly detailed, miniature models usually of industrial grey constructs but with a touch of humor out of deco boards, plasticine, and paint, and then photographs the result. It could take weeks, even months, before Frank is fully satisfied that each model is indeed flawless.

About ten years ago, the photographer decided he wanted to create these dioramas which question and gently lampoon modern society, its confidence and its searing insecurity. He had to teach himself the ins and outs of model making and admits that he’s still learning it.

He has since completed nearly 50 of the pieces, which can take anywhere between three weeks and two months to perfect. Frank admits that he is obsessive about getting every detail just right before finally getting his camera out.

His shows tend to exhibit both parts of the process: “In most of the exhibitions I try to have a combination. The main thing is showing the photographs, but I always try to show the original models or segments of my miniatures.”

“I find it interesting if there are different levels of looking at the works. Sometimes funny and unsettling things aren’t far away from each other. Life is absurd enough.”














[via ItsNiceThat]

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