Ted Sabarese’s Photos of People And The Fish They Look Like


Ted Sabarese shoots people. All kinds of people, but especially relishes working with non-professional models and actors who don’t fit the traditional definition of beauty. His personal and fine art work have won wide, critical acclaim for their conceptual and graphic nature, and have been exhibited in galleries in both the U.S. and abroad.

In the series called “Evolution”, Ted Sabarese attempts to throw his visual two-cents into the fiery controversy between evolution and creationism, intelligent design, science, religion, the political left, right, etc. Sabarese says:

The images beg the question, is it really so difficult to believe we came out from the sea millions and millions of years ago?







[via kottke]

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  1. I love this work but the caption is misleading: there is no "fiery controversy" between evolution and creationism, Evolution won, a long time ago...:)

  2. I agree on that one... Even the so-called eye argument for creation was lost by creationists! Anyone with a decent education in anthropology understands too much to illogically deny the facts. Did I mention I have a cat named Darwin?


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