Simon Beck's Snow Art

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Artist Simon Beck creates amazing pieces of snow art by walking in the snow wearing raquettes (snowshoes). Each artwork is typically the size of three soccer fields and takes 2 days to complete. The Oxford-educated self-employed map maker typically walks for about 5 to 9 hours or until he gets too tired, using a headlamp if it gets dark first.

Most of the designs are simple geometric figures, or figures generated by repeating simple rules at different scales. Beck plots the design into his canvas of snow in the French Alps using a sighting compass with distances measured either by pace counting or string.

“In due course of time I hope to harvest pictures others have taken on these things during the process of making them, to demonstrated how it is done," says Simon Beck.

Recently we featured another snow artist Sonja Hinrichsen. Her works are worth seeing too.










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1 comment:

  1. I don't want to judge with just a couple of pics, to be fair, but these do seem more sophisticated than the previous artist... They remind me of crop circles!


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