Kittiwat Unarrom Creates Gruesome Human Body Parts out of Bread


Thai artist and baker Kittiwat Unarrom bakes disturbingly realistic bread sculpted in the shape of dismembered human body parts. Since 2006 Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom has used dough as his medium to sculpt gruesome renditions of hand, feet, heads, torsos and other body parts, all entirely edible and for sale at his family’s bakery. Eyes, lips and other details constructed out of cashews, raisins and the like. He skillfully paints each piece to look as terrifying as possible to the observer and customer. The lack of hair and fake blood makes them look like they were swiped from a forensics lab.

To achieve this authentically horrifying look, Kittiwat spent a great deal of time studying anatomy and visiting forensic museums while at the same time working to improve the taste of his artworks.

Although Kittiwat runs a bakery of his own in Ratchaburi, Thailand, his bread art is not for sale

“My family is in the bakery business and I learned to bake when I was about 10,” says Kittiwat. “I want to speak out about my religious beliefs and dough can say it all. Baking human parts can show the audience how transient bread, and life, is. Also, my bread is still bread no matter how it looks.”

Kittiwat Unarrom













[via Huffington Post]


  1. i would really love to go here this coming october, can i ask if you specifically know the address of this bakery? all i know is that it's located in the city of Ratchaburi.. help!

  2. Hi, will be going there this April.. does anyone have the address please??

  3. Found it. ;)

    Address: Amphu Po Ta-Ram, Ratchaburi, Thailand


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