Sharon Moody's Photorealist Paintings of Comic Books


Washington D.C. – based artist Sharon Moody paints gorgeous oil paintings of classic comic books in mid-read, capturing a moment in time as the pages are flipped over. The comic books paintings are part of a greater series of paintings, that she has been making, based on games, toys and other forms of entertainment that reflect the universal human desire for amusement, diversion, and stimulation. “These seem a proper subject for trompe l'oeil paintings, which by their very nature are intended to divert and entrance us with their illusionism and by the questions they raise - in a playful way - about perception and reality”, writes Sharon Moody on her website.

Sharon Moody was born in Florida and grew up in North Carolina, where she received a B.A. in Fine Art from Appalachian State University and an MFA in Painting from George Washington University.

She has exhibited her work for three decades and has been employed as a graphic designer and teacher. Moody has taught at many colleges and universities and has been a faculty member at Georgetown University since 1998. Her favorite class is Materials and Methods, which examines historical painting techniques in the Western tradition.







[via Artistaday]

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  1. very cool, the pages look like they are jumping out of the canvas.

  2. are you kidding?


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