Erwin Wurm’s Fat Sculptures

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Erwin Wurm is one of Austria's most important and internationally famous sculptors known for his humorous approach to art.

In 2003, Erwin Wurm created the “Fat House” a large-scale sculpture of an obese house. Inside this chubby house is a video of the house asking itself a series of poignant questions like of “Am I a house?”. The following year, Erwin Wurm created a series of “fat cars” which depict puffy, obese, life-size sculptures of cars that bulge like overfilled sacks.

Wurum first tried to collaborate with Opel and General Motors in Germany but the computerized modeling software were unable to achieve the kind of shape that Wurm had in mind. Finally, he decided to go back to the old way of making cars - by hand. Mr. Wurm used the chassis of an actual car. The “fat” was polyurethane foam and Styrofoam covered with lacquer.





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