Tim Tadder Creates Water Wigs for Bald Men

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Los-Angeles based photographer Tim Tadder (previously on Amusing Planet) just finished shooting a great new project called Water Wigs using exploding water balloons to create incredible wig shaped splashes on the heads of bald men.

“We found a bunch of awesome bald men and hurled water balloons at their heads,” says Tim Tadder who has created quite a name for himself in the field of advertising photography. “The result [is] a new head of of water hair! We used a laser and sound trigger to capture the right moments for each subject to create just the head of hair that fit best with the face.”

Tadder worked with triads of colors to create images that are arresting and amusing at the same time. The names he chose for the images are equally humorous: "The Don King," "The Conquistador," "The Jesus" and "The Friar." See more at Behance.









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1 comment:

  1. See if I can get one for my brother.
    Great Britain


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