Javier Arizabalo’s Photorealistic Paintings

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Javier Arizabalo was born in Saint Jean de Luz, France in 1965. His passion for art lead him to Bilbao, Spain where he studied and earned a degree from the School of Fine Arts. Today he lives and works in Irun, Spain.

Initially, Arizabalo worked as a graphics designer with minor incursions into the fields of photography and synthetic imagery. In 2006 he turned his attention exclusively to painting, working mainly in a kind of meticulous realist style, studying the effects of light on the human body.

Arizabalo’s paintings are simple and elegant. His gentle yet precise brushstrokes create life-like figures that seem as though they can step off the canvas and enter the space of their viewer. Each strand of hair gently lays on the back of his female nudes, while the muscles and veins roll down the arms of his male figures.












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1 comment:

  1. I couldn't help but say human talent is the most elastic of all things in the universe
    bravo!! :D


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