Finger Paintings by Iris Scott

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Seattle based artist Iris Scott has taken finger painting to an entirely new level. Wearing surgical gloves and using high grade oils, Iris swirls them across her canvases with all fingers working together like a piano player hitting all the keys.

Iris discovered finger painting one evening when she was midway through an oil painting and she needed to clean brushes before moving onto bright yellow. Rather than leaving her cool room to clean brushes properly, Iris began applying the yellows with her fingertips.  "I knew within 10 strokes that finger painting with oils was what I would spend the rest of my life doing."

“I paint what I see. Finger paintings are hiding everywhere, sometimes I catch them when I'm walking down the sidewalk, or lounging in a living room.  I search for color relationships, and intriguing forms. I see the world through ‘finger painted’ colored glasses.”













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