The Wall of “I Love You”s in Paris


The “I love you” wall stands at the center of the Abbesses garden at Montmartre, Paris, and covers a surface area of 40 square meters with a total of 612 tiles of enameled lava. The phrase “I love you” is written more than a thousand times in over 300 different languages.

The wall was created by two artists - Frederic Baron and Claire Kito - as a rendezvous location for lovers and a lasting monument to eternal adoration. The phrases were collected by Frederic Baron in notebooks by knocking on the doors of embassies and asking their neighbors until he had collected more than 300 languages all expressing the powerful sentiment of love. Frederic Baron then asked Claire Kito, an artist who practices oriental calligraphy, to assemble the script.

Says Frederic Baron: “The bursts of color on the fresco represent the pieces of a broken heart, the heart of a humanity so often torn apart and which the wall tries to gather together.”


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  1. Great idea but they could have made it a lot more attractive...

    1. Not all art has to look pretty.

  2. Yes! by by making a specific size of tiles; getting sign; protecting layer applied and fixed. It may also be a source of income to maintain..


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