The “Floating” Lake Palace of Udaipur

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Like a shimmering mirage in the middle of Lake Pichola, Lake Palace is easily one of India’s most famous hotels. The palace was built between 1743 and 1746 under the direction of the Maharana Jagat Singh II, the 62nd successor to the royal dynasty of Mewar of Udaipur, Rajasthan as a royal summer palace and was initially called Jan Niwas after its founder. The palace is built on a natural foundation of 4 acres rock on the Jag Niwas island. When the water level is high, it hides all traces of the island and the palace appears to be almost floating in the water.

After serving as a summer resort to by the descendants of Jagat Singh for many generations, it was converted in a luxury hotel in the 1960s. In 1971, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces took over management of the hotel and expanded it with another 75 rooms. Today, the opulent interiors and the Royal Butler service give guests a glimpse into a bygone era, while the shuttling by boat to and from shore is an altogether wonderfully wistful experience. Its 83 rooms and suites are fitted with beautifully carved wooden furniture, colourful murals and rich silk upholstery underneath the jharokhas.


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Lake Palace on the dried out lake. Photo credit

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