Toilet Bowl Waterfall in Foshan, China

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Foshan, a city in central Guangdong province in China, has one of the strangest public art - a fountain built out of 10,000 recycled toilets, sinks and urinals covering a wall 100 meters long and almost 5 meters high. The fountain/waterfall was originally designed for the 2009 Foshan Pottery and Porcelain Festival, a porcelain product tradeshow, before being installed as a permanent piece of public art. It is just one of the many impressive ceramic sculptures residing in Shiwan Park.

The “art piece” was created by Chinese artist Shu Yong, who along with his team, spent 2 months installing the toilets. The toilets are a mixture of unwanted factory seconds and ones donated by foreigners and locals. All the toilets and urinals are actually connected to a tap so that they could be flushed. The installation is flooded periodically, creating a cascading waterfall to the amusement of the onlookers.


Photo credit: China Daily/Reuters


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Sources: 1800recycling, Universia

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  1. the sinks aren't so bad but the toilets close up are kinda gross looking, what WOULD have been cool is if they spelled something or designed a shape with the colored ones, and I've seen amazing works of art that are from recycled porcelain by smashing all of them and making a beautiful mosaic out of the broken pieces, this just doesn't seem very artistic to me, but I guess art is one of those things where to each his own, its not supposed to be understood or liked by everyone I suppose!


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