Meskel Square, A Chaotic Intersection With No Traffic Lights


Chaotic doesn’t even begin to describe how crazy the Meskel Square intersection is, in the city of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. Without a single traffic light, or a traffic controller in sight, vehicles simply work around each other trying not to bump. Navigating the square for the pedestrians is a nightmare. This time-lapse video shot above Meskel Square will give you an idea. No wonder, Meskel Square is one of the major hotspots for accidents in Addis Ababa. Between 2004-2006, the intersection witnessed 237 major accidents or 8% of all accidents in Addis Ababa.

Meskel Square is a primary site for public gathering or for demonstrations and festivals, notably, the Meskel Festival from which it takes its name.

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via Geekologie

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  1. For something that is written on April 2014, please take the time to take a recent video ! The whole city, including the Meskel square is under construction now. It may still be chaotic because of the construction underway, I am just saying don't put a video of two years back at least to illustrate your point!


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