Vertigo Inducing Selfies by Russian Photographer

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Nineteen year old Russian daredevil Alexander Remnev and his group of thrill-seekers like to hang out from the top of tall buildings, quite literally. Once they are at the top, Remnew will whisk out a camera attached to a long pole and take selfies of their accomplishments. Remnev’s stomach churning photos show him and his friends dangling precariously at astonishing heights, sometimes holding on to the ledge or some structure with a single hand.

Remnev recently travelled from Russia to Dubai to climb some of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and take photos from the top. The group climbed to the top of Dubai’s Princess Tower, the world’s tallest residential building standing at 1,350 feet high and took photos of themselves.


“We love the height of Dubai – it is a city of skyscrapers. We climbed on top of as many as we could,” said Remnev to Caters News Agency. “After this trip, buildings in Russia seem very small.”

The group had no problem accessing the buildings, according to Remenev. “In Dubai, there are a lot of open roofs. It was not difficult to climb up to them.”

The daredevil is part of a growing group of 'Skywalkers' - predominantly from Russia and Ukraine - who push themselves to the limit in search of dangerous thrills.











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