Banksy's Street Art Recreated in LEGO

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Canadian photographer Jeff Friesen has created a collection of LEGO dioramas that recreates some of the popular works of the urban street artist Banksy. Friesen calls them “Bricksy”. Using his daughter’s LEGO blocks, the artist pieced together various scenes including the girl with the heart balloon, the maid lifting up a piece of the wall and the iconic bouquet throwing protester. Introduced into each scene are Friesen’s own humorous extensions. For example, the iconic bouquet thrower is actually hurling flowers at his girlfriend, who happens to be a police officer. In another scene, the maid secretly sweeping dust under the wall is caught by the housewife through the open window. Here are a few scenes from the collection. To see the rest of “Bricksy”, visit The Brick Fantastic.








via Designboom

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