The Terraced Cemetery of Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong

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The private cemetery on Pok Fu Lam on the western side of Hong Kong island is an amazing sight. Built into the mountainside in terraced steps and interconnected with staircases, the cemetery resembles a giant outdoor amphitheater.

The Pok Fu Lam Cemetery, also known as the Chinese Christian Cemetery, was built in 1882 on the hills in the Pok Fu Lam neighborhood of Hong Kong, sandwiched between Pok Fu Lam Road at the top and Victoria Road near the bottom. The cemetery was built from the higher contours and as the cemetery grew, it was expanded downwards towards Victoria Road. Today, a part of the cemetery lies beyond Victoria Road.


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  1. I passed by this place about 5 years ago and was able to get one shot of it from the train.


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