Sculpture By The Sea: An Outdoor Exhibition at Bondi Beach

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Sculpture by the Sea is an annual outdoor sculpture exhibition, the largest of its kind in Australia, that takes place at the beach in Sydney and Perth. Initiated in 1996, the exhibition, currently at its 18th year, is spread over two kilometers from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach featuring over 100 sculptures by artists from 16 countries. Some of this year's highlights include Geoffrey Drake-Brockman's Counter, an interactive arch which counts viewers as they walk through it, and Andrew Hankin's giant frying pan on Tamarama beach named “We're fryin' out here.”

The 2014 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition celebrates the 1000th artist to have featured in the event.  The exhibition will run from October 23 to November 9.


'We're fryin' out here' by Andrew Hankin, on Tamarama Beach. Photo credit: Cameron Spencer


School children play on the sculpture We're Fryin' Out Here by Andrew Hankin on Tamarama Beach. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


A girl walks on the handle of the 24-meter frying pan. (Photo credit: Dean Lewins)


A woman walks through Counter by Geoffrey Drake-Brockman. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


A peacock sculpture by Byeong Doo-moon titled ‘Our memory in your place’. (Photo credit: William West)


A peacock sculpture by Byeong Doo-moon titled ‘Our memory in your place’. (Photo credit: Jason Reed)


Peter Lundberg's 'Ring' on Tamarama Beach was the winner of Sculpture By The Sea 2014. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'Overconsumption' by Kerrie Argent, at Bondi. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'My House is Your Home' by Ken Unsworth, at Marks Park. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'Gift of the Rhinoceros' by Mikaela Castledine, on Tamarama Beach. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'Currawong' by Lou Lambert, at Marks Park. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'Breaching' by Michael Greve, at Marks Park. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


Surfers walk under an installation by artist Alejandro Propato from Argentina titled “permanent sunrise”.  (Photo credit: William West)


A visitor photographs Alejandro Propato's Permanent Sunrise on Sydney's Tamarama Beach before dawn. (Photo credit: Jason Reed)


A sculpture by artist Linda Matthews of Australia titled “Coastal totem” (Photo credit: William West)


The Wanderer by British sculptor Sean Henry. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


'Wine Talk' by Richard Tipping, at Bondi. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)


Sisyphus by George Andric. (Photo credit: Cameron Spencer)

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